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Landscape design NW to St. Niklas (Carinthia, Austria)

The investigation area lies to the northwest of St. Niklas (Carinthia) on the orographic right side of the river Drau. The total area of the landfill site is approx. 8 ha consisting of the right bank of the Drau (over a length of 900 m), a man-made habitat and the slope of a glacial terrace.

During dredging in the river Drau (by means of a dredging pump) next to the river power station Rosegg - St. Jakob the excavated sediments were deposited in the vicinity of the river bank in consideration of an appropriate landscape design. First, a shield dam lying parallel to the river bank and connecting to the bank at both ends was constructed. In order to stabilize the fill base approx. 2.500 stone columns (with lengths 10 m) were installed by means of vibro displacement compaction. Then, the extracted material was pumped into the resulting settling basin. After consolidation of the material one dam after the other was constructed on the new level at a time and each settling basin was filled, until the designated dam height was reached.

Services provided:

  • Site investigation (Pits, dynamic probing, drilling and laboratory testing)

  • Expert opinion (incl. stability analysis etc.)

  • Development of the foundation measures (design and optimisation of number and locations of the stone columns, optimisation of the dam geometry, drainage concept of the settling bases)

  • Consultancy during tendering and concluding a contract

  • Geotechnical site supervision

Client: Verbund - Austrian Hydro Power AG

Time period: 2006 - 2008