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Flood control Mittersill (Salzburg, Austria)

Due to periodical overflowing of the river Salzach (Salzburg, Austria) and the catastrophic flood water in 2005 (having affected also the town of Mittersill), the following flood protection measures were carried out:

  • 2006 (first construction phase):
    Broadening of the river bed and heightening of the river embankments.
  • Since 2007 (second construction phase):
    Construction of a 900 m long and up to 6 m high dam, extending over the Salzach valley from the southern valley side to the Salzach. In addition, further measures are planned to the West and the East of Mittersill.

The unfavorable underground conditions (interbedded strata of sandy gravel and fine-grained sediments, partly overlain by peat with a thickness of several meters, confined groundwater etc.) made great demands on the structure of the dam and the construction works. Apart from the dam with its internal zonal design (including a central containment wall) a number of additional structures are planned:

  • a spillway situated between the Salzach and a channel (Bürgerkanal),
  • spillway gates between the detention basin and the Salzach and in the area of the crossing of the west- and east-lying channel (Bürgerkanal),
  • raising of the rural road B165 with mobile mountable bulkhead-gates,
  • the crossing of the Tansalpine Oil-pipeline (protection of construction pit with a butressed sheet pile wall, revoval of the peat layers, fixation of the pipe with SSM-material, jet grouting).

Services provided:

  • Consultancy during construction
  • Consultancy for the preparation of the tender documents

  • Additional calculations in view of settlements due to the superimposed dam load, groundwater flow in various profiles, stability proof for the applied dam material

Client: Gouvernment of Salzburg, Dept. of water ressources management

Zeitraum: December 2006-2009