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Tauern SPA World Kaprun (Austria)

The complex of the Tauern Spa World Kaprun is situated in the valley floor to the north of Kaprun. It consists of two arch-shaped buildings, the five-storey hotel in the north and the Spa (with pool and sauna) in the south.

The underground in and around the site is made up of postglacial sediments of the river Salzach and of fluviatile sediments of the Kapruner Ache, which are typically characterized by flood events. The heterogeneous sediments comprise silts-sandy deposits with layers of peat, organic fine-grained deposits and layers and lenses of sandy gravel. Within the site, the ground rocks can be expected in a depth of possibly over 100 m under top surface. As the planned complex is very settlement-sensitive, the geotechnical situation is to be classified as complicated and challenging. 

The following foundation and ground improvement measures were applied:

  • Preloading
  • Concrete compaction piles
  • Ram piles (grouted ductile piles)

Additionally, due to the underground situation all pools were equipped with vertically adjustable edges in order to compensate inevitable minor vertical misalignments.

Services provided:

  • Site investigation and geotechnical expert report (ARGE Therme
    Kaprun [MTP Engineering GmbH - Garber, Dalmatiner & Partner])
  • Long-term pumping test and infiltration tests
  • Geotechnical site inspection of the special foundation construction
  • Geotechnical consulting
  • Design and structural analysis of the protection of construction pit

Client: VAMED Estate Development and Engineering GmbH & CO KG
            Alpine Bau GmbH

Time period: 2007 to 2010